Who Are We?

Your lifestyle Wellnesss Destination.

Here at Soothebury we like to
consider ourselves the lifestyle wellness destination.

A one stop shops for lifestyle wellness products. Curated for busy professionals like you.

Tiger Balm meets Sharper Image for
innovative at wellness management products and devices.

Because you deserve...


We offer natural products to help you get better sleep: comfortably and longer.

What do we do?

Soothebury’s product line
includes solutions related to sleep, mood, exercise, digestion, nutrition.

Innovative feel-good solutions for savvy professionals.

Because you deserve...


If it aches, itches, or is
inflamed. We may have something to help.

What Matters to Us?

Creating community.

A holistic health, lifestyle
perspective: mind, body and spirit.

Because everyone benefits from
receiving support.  Well-informed and with dignity and honor.

Because your deserve...


Feeling out of energy? Need more
pep in your step? When your hooray! becomes a ho-hum, we can help.

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Our Locations

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Atlanta, Georgia, United States